25 thoughts on “Watch Mercedes-Benz’s CES 2015 press conference in 6 minutes — CES 2015

  1. Kyle Hopson

    I’m 25 and I really do hope this is a standard by the time I’m 50…can’t
    wait to be able to get blasted at the bar and then tell Jarvis to drive my
    drunk ass home lol

  2. oʇɐǝq ʎǝlᴉɐq

    This looks awesome and I hope its a standard soon, but how will they
    prevent the cars systems from being hacked?

  3. Sean Carney

    Reminded me of I,Robot when he started talking about ethical dilemmas with
    self-driving cars. And how ethics and deciding what is the right thing to
    do is hard for robots (like how in I,Robot the robot wanted to save Will
    Smith instead of the child). Does it crash into a wall, or a ditch? Crash
    into a truck, or a small car with a family in it?

    The future is so close yet still far away.

  4. Matthew Jardine

    That is truly amazing, we may just have to apply a standard and educate
    people as to these signals if we want to implement such a system in future.
    Also hope that random pedestrian doesn’t enter rave mode whilst still in
    the middle of the road. 

  5. Дмитрий Щёлоков

    Мерседес представил концепт робомобиля. Так я себе и представлял автомобиль

  6. Saake Botha

    This car is crazy, this is not the future. The doors open up like a space
    ship, how does it open when I am parked next to someone? How will that
    crossing look in the middle of the day when the sun is bright? 

  7. Dylan G Lee

    Do the cars of the future have to be so godd@mned ugly? I want a return to
    retro-futurist design, the gull-wings, the tear-drop bodies, the hood
    ornaments and white-wall tires ;-;

  8. B31A

    I rather drive a VW Golf 2 in the future, so I can avoid and I can decide
    what to do (1. Principle of safe driving: trust no one and nothing!).
    A healthy Human Brain is better at visual/situation recognision than any
    chips at the moment (as long driver has experience and is sober).
    Also complex decisions are situation and experience related, there are
    nearly unlimited situations in traffic. I don´t say it´s impossible to make
    a perfect Drive Controller, but it will have glitches till it´s achieved
    and glitches can be lethal in a bad traffic situation.
    Thou, for incredibly bad drivers and inexperienced people, who drive worse
    than any badly coded bot, this system may be a blessing and for their

  9. kennedy muchiri

    People, never despise your dreams! I saved for ten years, keeping off any
    extravagance, and putting up with people who never believed in my dream,
    and today, I’ve managed to buy, yes, to buy myself a lenovo tablet on which
    to watch such videos of people driving expensive cars. Do they buy them or
    have them on lease???

  10. vexx506

    I just stopped by to say that that Mercedes is like the ugliest car I’ve
    ever seen.. No wait.. I’ve seen worse but still it’s in the top 10 worst
    looking cars imo.

  11. Ajay P

    No offense though, if the Mercedes car drives itself? Then who would want
    to buy it ;P
    .To enjoy the ride maybe
    Just joking… ;-D

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