1. Hakim Diggins

    i mean this pick up was the weirdest way to ever pick up girls. Y’all
    sounded like some perverts trying to offer her candy in the trunk of the
    car. I don’t know if you are trying to prove that money wins a woman’s
    heart, but its not and you should stop with this i got a great car so date
    me stuff, it is pathetic. 

  2. Ludvig Selnaes

    Maaan, these girls are risking so much by just going with some random
    strangers! I may sound like there mom, but seriously!

  3. Dustin Stoller

    Haha you guys have no game what so ever. Good thing you have a semi decent
    car or you would be fucked.

  4. Roy Raven

    Damn you guys dont really seem smooth with girls,you sometimes talk in
    short sentences,jumps,stutter.. Lucky shit you got the car or else no girls
    will go on a date with you both..

  5. WatchYaze

    It’s so evident that you guys are 16.
    It’s like you can’t even speak properly yet.
    But hey, who needs to know how to speak properly if you have money.

  6. Aidan Cox

    Funny how you can perfectly hear the girls’ voices. I call fake. Sad state
    of affairs when people are making these fake videos and advertising them as
    real while making money and while putting out this ridiculous message to
    all the young kids and teens out there that money is all women want.

    It’s gonna be a self fulfilling prophecy when in 20 years form now all the
    women are hung up on cars and money- because this kinda crap is put

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