It’s Official, Camaro Goes to Production for 2009

Thursday, August 10th, 2006

New Chevrolet Camaro for 2009At the auto industry’s annual Management Briefing Seminars this week, General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner announced Thursday, “As evidence that we’re not completely brain-dead, GM will build the Chevy Camaro.” A fully brain-functional Wagoner posed with a red version of the concept car for the obligatory photo-op (left).

Production of the Camaro will begin in late 2008, and the much-anticipated car will hit showrooms in early 2009, presumably after a massive debut at the ‘09 Detroit Auto Show.

Not much new, but here are the highlights:

The new Camaro, coincidentally, should hit dealerships about the same time as the Ford Mustang, which is slated for another overhaul in 2009. Will the Camaro compete this time around, or will it yet again go the way of the dinosoars? Chevy will have to price this car competitively, at least keep the V6 version on par with the V6 Mustang to have a chance.

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9 Responses to “It’s Official, Camaro Goes to Production for 2009”

  1. James McPhee Says:

    In my opinion this car is a blasphemy to the Camaro legacy. Yes it has the power and performance to make it a muscle car, but so many foriegn cars do as well. What defines a car as a Muscle Car is performance combined with class. This car has no class to it as the older models did. As an owner of a camaro and a lover of chevy I am sad to say that I am greatly dissappointed in this car…

  2. david Says:

    James, I think that you are an absolute idiot.
    Times change and so do vehicles. I think that this car is an absolute beauty and I will gladly add it to my camaro collection

  3. matt Says:

    I think this is a great camaro. The only thing I can think of now is, where is the firebird?

  4. JJS Says:

    While I think it is great to see a Camaro being made I feel it is a reactive and not a proactive move by GM.

    In the 60’s the Mustang was introduced and was an instant success. Its new car sales were matched not by the Camaro but by the Chevelle.

    So while I love the idea of the Camaro and gald to see it back, I honestly feel that a Chevelle retro would be more proactive move.

    It would attract a broader market (Charger, Mustang, Magnum……Police!) than the Camaro.

    Broader thinking would be to expand thinking into a spin-off Buick GS

  5. robert raynor Says:

    I love the styling on this car. I sure hope they also decide to make the Trans Am.

  6. Tony G. Says:

    The Camaro is perfect in every way…except the grille has got to go. Hopefully when the car is out new grille options will be available;)

  7. patrice Says:

    what’s the price???????? about???
    were’s the sunroof???????

  8. William Rodriguez Says:

    Will they have the option of the “SS” or “Yenko” for this new model?

    If so I would want to be the first on the list to get one.

  9. Nick Jordan Says:

    Hopefully GM will put something mean under the hood because thats why the old timers bought these cars. Now my Generation, Im 27 and grew up with a family full of hot rod fans am stuck with crap cars like there new GTO. I drove one the other day and was very disapointed. I want something That my boy will say my dad had one of those to his kids. Hopefully GM will read this and know what we want is what are dads had. One bad ass car.

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