Ford Giving Lincoln Version Of New ‘Flex’ Design

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

2009 Ford FlexFord has decided to build a Lincoln version of the 2009 Ford Flex. The Flex is the next generation of Mini-vans that can fit up to 7 people. Ford is letting the Flex production car come out before making any definite plans and moving forward with the Lincoln concept. Alan Mulally – CEO of Ford – has stated that they are going to wait at least a year before adding the new Lincoln ‘Flex’ to the production line-up.

It is in keeping with a strategic plan going forward to place more emphasis on the Lincoln premium brand.. At the recent L.A. auto show, Mark Fields, Ford president of the Americas, said Lincoln will take over as the volume piece of the Lincoln Mercury franchise. “We won’t walk away from Mercury,” Fields said, but “we have higher aspirations for Lincoln.” He notes November retail sales for the brand were up for the 14th consecutive month.

Lincoln has its new flagship MKS sedan set to go on sale next fall with Ford’s new 270-hp, 3.7-liter V-6 under the hood. The Lincoln will be the first to offer the automaker’s new direct-injection technology when a turbocharged V-6 is added to the MKS for 2010 to provide the power of a V-8 without the corresponding fuel-economy penalty.

Meanwhile, the name Flex will stick for the Ford version, Fields insists, saying it “researched well.” Our vote is to return to the Fairlane name that graced the original concept.

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  1. Latest Auto Says:

    The family oriented Flex is a big vehicle, measuring more than 202 inches long on a 117.9-inch wheelbase. That makes it longer than a full-size, truck-based sport-utility vehicle like the Chevrolet Tahoe, and longer than some of the biggest minivans ever.

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