25 thoughts on “CES 2015 BMW Audi Laser Headlights

  1. Matt Reynolds

    I’m not a car person, and am usually underwhelmed by car advertisement
    material, but this looks pretty sweet. Being able to direct light away
    from on-coming and overtaken cars is pretty cool.

  2. hyylo

    Tesla > Innovation = 100% electric car with huge mile range, amazing ipad
    like interface and voted safest car in the world. Free charging coming soon
    with solar panels being fitted to all Tesla charging stations. Battery swap
    also launched allowing full charge within 1 minute.

    BMW + Audi > innovation = new headlights = pathetic 

  3. Victoria Flamel

    I think the important question everyone wants answered is… Does it have
    advanced artificial intelligence voiced by William Daniels? 

  4. Cane Sugar

    QUESTION: As somebody who will soon be blinded by ONCOMING BMW/AUDI LASERS

    What happens when this confuses oncoming car for horse on roadside?
    Blinding light in face of driver in opposite direction… ಠ_ಠ

  5. Joffrey Benedict

    Redditor here. This is fake, the car isn’t even moving at all. It’s only
    the background projections making it seem like it’s moving. I bet it’s not
    even very fast. *tips fedora*

    – Joffrey Benedict,
    Reddit Gold user and elite atheist with an IQ of 116

  6. Rijnhard Hessel

    holy shit, I didn’t expect lights like this for another 5 years.
    Massive step up, and the presentation was amazing.

    for once BMW & AUDI beat Mercedes-Benz to something

  7. Nick Harrington

    Because BMW cars weren’t expensive enough, they added lights that should
    add another $10K-$20K to the price tag:

  8. Brett Gauthier

    Check out the Laser and OLED lighting technologies of BMW and Audi at CES
    2015! BMW M4 Concept Iconic Lights is so awesome! #bmw #ces2015 

  9. christiaan kruger

    hmm… BMW not burning my eyeballs out late at night with their brights.

    Hell if the technology, works ill be stoked.

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