24 thoughts on “2014 / 2015 BMW i8 Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review

  1. JoshorBrownKid

    We’re all obviously entitled to our own opinions, so here’s mine: I don’t
    like this car. Everyone hypes this car up as if it were God. Don’t get me
    wrong, it’s an impressive car. BMW did a good job. But I don’t think it’s
    time to let cars that look like this out on the streets. Speaking of which,
    the newer generation of cars is going to suck. Miserably. Everything is fed
    through a computer. The gear level (like BMWs) the parking brake, Acura has
    that push button gear selector which is…. I don’t even know, 8 inch
    monitors in between the speedometer and tachometer, LCD gauges, headunits
    that act like a whole computer. Cars are getting boring now since a
    computer does it all for you. I loved the days where you had to shift gears
    yourself, engage the parking brake yourself, gauges weren’t so flashy, 8
    inch monitors didn’t pop out the dash, massaged seats and whatever else
    this generation of cars gives you. I know I’m probably making myself sound
    like a hipster, but as a true car enthusiast, I much rather prefer the old
    fashioned way of driving and cars. I respect the hell out of what these
    cars today can do, but I’m not a fan of it. I drive a 2013 Infiniti JX35
    with a driving assistance package. The car stops for me and keeps me in my
    lane. Might as well hope in the trunk and be chauffeured on my way to

  2. Dan Frederiksen

    It could have been a good car if it was primarily electric, weighed half
    and cost 1/3.
    Which it easily could. BMW engineers are just incompetent on weight and
    aerodynamics. A small 2+2 made of carbon fiber that weighs 1500kg. Think
    about it.
    It does look pretty good in white though. And the doors are called
    butterfly doors.

  3. countcomedy

    This has got to be a concept, it doesn’t look like something that would be
    production. It looks way to futuristic for it to be 2014/15. Maybe in 10 or
    20 years, but not now.

  4. Zack Curtis

    As big of a BMW ENTHUSIAST as I am, this i8 is absolutely HIDEOUS! (Almost
    as hideous as the i3) and the fact that the i8 ONLY comes with all the
    TACKY LIGHT BLUE trim only makes this car even LESS ATTRACTIVE! Only a
    SUCKER would fork over the EXCESSIVE price tag for this car! Shame on BMW!

  5. rage5606

    Dear Mr. Narrator of this fine video, you did a fine job introducing us to
    this car. Very detailed and it answered all of my question. But, your voice
    technique really needs work. Your fluctuating voice, with constant accents
    is over used. It makes you sound like you are some old time elixir salesman
    or somebody selling a sideshow act at the circus. I did find that you spoke
    clearly even though you spoke fast and had a lot to say in the 32+ minutes.
    For that, well done. Please, don’t get offended, just lower your guard
    long enough to take some constructive criticism. I really enjoyed the
    detail of your review and would love to subscribe if this is what you have
    to offer, but there is no way I could listen to your narration long term.
    I will have to check back again. Thanks.

  6. Ricardo Camargo

    2014 / 2015 BMW i8 Start Up, Test Drive, and In Depth Review
    Activá los subtitulos en Ingles (CC)
    Más allá de lo interesante que resultó la carrera de #FormulaE en el
    circuito callejero de #PuertoMadero en la ciudad de #BuenosAires, me
    impresionó el #PaceCar utilizado el híbrido #BMW #i8 #hybrid #supercar
    #Qualcomm #tf

  7. Calvin Wong

    does anyone else find the back ugly? i thought it was alright until i think
    i read topgear say it looks like the car is giving birth… now i cant
    unsee it ;_;

  8. Corbin Fawver

    what the fuck did i just watch? a college physics class? jesus christ. i
    would never own a vehicle THIS confusing. thats just ridiculous 

  9. bimosalexandres

    my dream is : to have all the access to all these cool cars on here, it’s
    okay for me eventhough it can’t be in my garage but alteast i can
    experience being inside all these cool car

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