2006 Acura TL

Monday, June 5th, 2006

2006 Acura TLThe 2006 Acura TL features sharp-handling, a powerful V6 engine, a fully independent suspension, and the latest active safety electronics to optimize driving dynamics. Its engine doles out abundant power, which is complemented by great handling and powerful brakes. Freeway cruising is made pleasant by the reasonably smooth ride, though the TL is no cushmobile.

The TL is wrapped in a hip, bold, razor-edged design. It’s a fully equipped luxury performance sedan in midsize dimensions.

Inside, it’s thoroughly modern. It comes standard with the latest in surround-sound. The seats are firm and comfortably bolstered. The TL isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for in performance and features. Every passive safety feature you’d expect in a premium car is included.

For 2006, the Acura TL benefits from a handful of changes. The most important change for 2006 is an active system to control torque steer, the car’s one dynamic Achilles’ heel. A tire-pressure monitoring system is now standard equipment, and there are a couple of new colors.

Overall, the Acura TL is as sporty a sedan as is imaginable in a front-wheel-drive configuration. Its SportShift automatic transmission can be left alone or played with to extract some of the joys embodied in a stiff platform and powerful drivetrain. When ordered with the six-speed manual, Brembo brakes and stickier tires, the TL is even more of a sports sedan. Or settle back with some good tunes from the state-of-the-art stereo and book the evening’s repast and lodging while following the navigation system’s mobile arrow pointing the way across the country. In short, the Acura TL is an excellent choice as a sporty near-luxury sedan.

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